Computer Sales, Access Control and CCTV Systems

Eland Technologies Ltd is an authorised service provider with various international brands such as Samsung, Dell, HP and APC.

Eland Technologies employs a dedicated team of customer support specialists whose sole function is to assist end users with software or hardware problems. Utilizing specially designed service tracking software, Eland Technologies is able to guarantee an appropriate response time for all service related calls. For those clients where extended services beyond weekday hours are required, Eland Technologies offers extended service hours. We also carry out routine preventive maintenance and monitoring of equipment.

Installation & Implementation of Local Area Networks

Eland Technologies conducts the installation and implementation of new software and hardware network systems with the goal of minimizing the impact on daily operations. During the installation and implementation process, Eland Technologies will have hardware and software specialists present to insure the proper functioning of all aspects of the computer system. Trainers and analysts will remain on site after the final conversion and live start up to insure a smooth and efficient transition to the new system.

Corporate Email Server Installation and Maintenance

Eland Technologies certified hardware specialists, Microsoft certified professionals, Computer Science and Business Computing specialists will conduct a site survey at each company to determine the optimal computer hardware and software configuration for corporate email and internet usage. Where existing systems are acceptable for use with the new proposed internet and email solution, they will be utilized. In instances where new hardware or software is required, Eland Technologies will custom design solutions to suit the individual and unique needs of each client.